Here at Mary Lou we understand and acknowledge the great importance of the protection of

all Personal Information and Data in both physical and online transactions, and we have
taken necessary measures to keep them secured. All the steps we have taken are fully
complied with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any and all Data and Information exchanged and collected during transactions and orders
are classified and they are strictly kept between our trained team and the customers
themselves. Mary Lou shall not and will not retain, use or disclose your data for any other
purpose, other than for the specific purpose of performing the services specified and/or
needed to complete your orders and the after-sale service and support that is provided.

1. Collection of Personal Data

As an online visitor to our website you can browse our online website/e-shop anonymously,
without being required to give any personal information unless you so wish to.

Your personal information will be needed and collected when:

  1. You subscribe to our Newsletter service.
  2. You sign up and create an account on our website.
  3. You place an order on our shop – online or physical.

The Personal Information we will need are:

  1. Full Name (Name and Surname)
  2. Company Name (Where it applies – Used only for Invoice/Receipt and Tax Purposes)
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address (Where it applies)
  5. Billing and/or Delivery Address (Where it applies)
  6. Any additional Information you wish to provide us for any reason you think we should be aware of for completing your order

The above stated information is needed, specifically, to complete the provided services from
Mary Lou, such as receiving our Newsletter (promotional/informative emails), completing
orders and providing after sale support, and/or customer support in general.

Any data we have gathered will be kept in our records for up to 5 years after the order has
been completed. If at any point you wish to stop receiving our Newsletter, you can change
the action whenever you want to, and your data will be removed from our list.

Important Notice:
For your own protection, we advise you to be extra careful, and to not share any personal,
financial or otherwise sensitive information to third parties, as to avoid cases of fraud,
stealing and hacking.

2. Your Data Protection Rights

As part of the EU, and based on the GDPR policies, you have certain Rights concerning
your Data Protection, and we want to make sure that you are aware of them. 

Your Data Protection Rights are as follows:
1. The Right to Access:
You have the right to request and access all of your personal data that we have
2. The Right to Rectification:
You have the right to change, update and correct and of your personal data
3. The Right to Erasure:
You have the right to request for erasure of any and all of your personal data from us
4. The Right to Restrict Processing:
You have the right to request a restriction of processing your personal data, under
special conditions
5. The Right to Object to Processing:
You have the right to object to the processing your personal data, under special
6. The Right to Data Portability:
You have the right to request that we transfer any and all of your personal data,
directly to you, or to any other source you wish

For more information please visit:

3. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer by websites you visit, including
our own, that serve to optimise your experience while browsing, as well as helping with
smooth functionality and operation of the website.

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4. Intellectual Property

We, as Mary Lou, reserve the Right of Copyright and Intellectual Property for all featured
content (pictures, designs, text, photographs, names etc.) in our Website, and by extension
our Social Media, as the property of EMS EPIPLO DRYS Ltd, and/or to their respective and
rightful partners, owners and co-creators, which is protected by the Intellectual Property Law.
Any unauthorised use of any content is a violation to it.

5. Updates

Part of what makes us on top of our game, is that we are always changing and adapting to
any new challenges that may occur. Changes might and/or will appear in stock availability,
stock design, personalisation, prices and deliveries, just to mention a few. Due to that our
policies are bound to vary and be put through an update.

Based on that, we as Mary Lou, reserve the right to change and update any type of content
in our Company and specifically on our Website, and by extension our Social Media, as we
see acceptable and fit.

Please note that we are not liable and/or responsible for incidents and circumstances occurring outside of our scope of control and power, that may have a direct or indirect effect on our business.

If you have any query regarding the statements above and our Policies in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Phone: +357 22429177